ronaldw_2010Dr. Ron Wideman taught in the public elementary and secondary schools for twenty years, including eleven years as curriculum co-ordinator for values education. During his ten years as an Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, he led a number of ground-breaking projects on values and religious education in the public schools and co-ordinated development of the Common Curriculum for Grades 1-9. Later, he led TVOntario’s Curriculum Project to develop and evaluate the use of multiple-media curriculum resources.

Dr. Wideman has worked independently and collaboratively to author a wide range of published works. These include integrated learning resources like Way Up There (1997) and Our Fragile World (1998) for TVOntario; teacher education resources like Together We Learn: Co-operative Small Group Learning (1990) for Prentice Hall; and a children’s biography of David Suzuki (1988) for the Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Lives series. He has also written extensively on educational change in Ontario professional journals.

Dr Wideman’s thesis study was one of the first to explore change from the perspective of the Ontario secondary school teacher. His research interests focus on school improvement and professional growth. His recent work has contributed to the development of Action Research: School Improvement Through Research Based Professionalism, a print/video professional development kit, and the Ontario Action Researcher, an electronic peer-reviewed journal. In 2001, he co-led research into the relationship between action research and EQAO testing and he is currently co-authoring an action research guidebook for teachers.

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