Biography for Tammie McParland, MN,RN (Faculty of Nursing)

Prof. Karey D. McCullough

1980 - Nursing Diploma Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing
1994 - Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Laurentian University
2005 - Masters in Nursing, Athabasca University

PhD studies, Nursing Education Specialization, Capella University, Minneapolis, Minn, USA.

Work experience:
Adult medicine/surgery, Acute Oncology, ICU Stepdown
Far North and Remote
Emergency and ICU
Nursing Education

Poster Presentations: The Paradigm Shift in Learning Telenursing Practice . Canadian Nurses Association Biennial Meeting and Conference, Saskatoon, SK. June 2006.

Registrant: College of Nurses of Ontario

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (Provincial Nurse Educators and Telehealth Interest Groups)
Canadian Nurses Association
Canadian Society of Training and Development
American Society of Training and Development

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