Halton Trauma Centre

  • Schuler, S., Costin, D., & Curwen, T. (in progress).  Addressing the needs of child and adolescent trauma victims: Development and implementation of a multi-agency protocol.  Project funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Toronto, ON.

  • Costin, D., Schuler, S., & Curwen, T. (2011). Responding to adolescent sexual offending: recommendations for a coordinated and integrated systemic response. In M. Calder (Ed.), Contemporary Practice with Young People who Sexually Abuse: Evidence-based Developments (pp. 155 – 172). Russell House Publishing, Lyme Regis: Dorset.

  • Costin, D., Schuler, S., & Curwen, T. (2009).  Multi-agency protocol for addressing the needs of adolescent sexual offenders. Final Report: Project funded by Ministry of Attorney General, Ottawa, ON.  Available: www.haltontraumacentre.ca/pdf/2010_SAO_booklet.pdf

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