Past projects


2011 – 2012

  • Impact of divorce on extracurricular activities and functioning

  • Shame and guilt of adolescents who sexually offend

2010 – 2011

  • Familial, individual, and abuse characteristics of adolescent victims of sexual abuse 

  • Abuse characteristics of child victims of sexual abuse with and without sexual behaviour problems

  • Adolescents’ perceived closeness to parents: Juvenile delinquency moderated by previous traumatic events

2009 – 2010

  • Eating disorders in exotic dancers

  • Family and academic achievement

  • The effects of peers and mood on academic achievement

2008 – 2009

  • Child victims of sexual abuse at risk for adolescent perpetration

  • Differentiating clients referred for residential treatment and clients never referred for residential treatment

  • The history of bullying in university students

  • The long-term emotional impact of bullying on adults

  • Factors that may contribute to aggression in children and adolescents with high empathy

2006 – 2007

  • The learning disability experience: Educational support

  • Gambling and university students

  • Witnessing parental violence and current functioning

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