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Introduction to Philosophy
Phil 1115E

Essay Questions  

Essays should be approximately eight to ten typed pages in length. You will be graded for content, logical clarity, grammar, punctuation and documentation (all documentation must follow the "traditional" method of placing footnotes/endnotes at the end of the essay) . Plagiarism will not be tolerated, whether due to mere sloppiness or clever laziness. Please read the “Policy on Academic Dishonesty” on page 305 of the Nipissing University Academic Calendar 20070-2008.


Critically write a paper on the basic philosophical doctrine and history of one of the following schools of thought:

Stoicism; Epicureanism; Scepticism; Pythagoreanism; Atomism; Deism; Existentialism; Feminism; Marxism; Fascism; Surrealism; Dadaism; Logical Positivism; Pragmatism.

Or, Critically write a paper on the issues raised in one of the following books:

Meditations . Marcus Aurelius.
Book of Job .
Imitation of Christ . Thomas A Kempis.
Zohar . Moses de Leon.
Confessions . St. Augustine.
Emile . Rousseau.
Social Contract . Rousseau.
Vindication of the Rights of Woman . Mary Wollstonecraft.
The Prince . Machiavelli.
Utitlitarianism . J. S. Mill.
On Liberty . J. S. Mill
Sketch for a Historical Picture of The Progress of the Human Mind . Condorcet.
Two Treatises on Government . John Locke.
Enfranchisement of Women . Harriet Taylor and J. S. Mill.
Doors of Perception . Aldous Huxley.
Existenialism and Humanism . Jean-Paul Sartre.
Geneology of Morals . F. Nietzsche.
I and Thou . Martin Buber.
Iron John . Robert Bly.
Man's Search for Meaning . Viktor E. Frankl.
The Future of An Illusion . Sigmund Freud.

As this is not an exhaustive list of topics, please consult the professor if you wish to work on a different topic.