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About Me...

My early years were spent in Vancouver and then Toronto . After high school, I took some time off, traveling and working. I then spent a year at the New School of Art in Toronto (under the tutelage of the likes of Dennis Burton, Robert Markle, and Gordon Rayner). My year at the New School of Art was a deeply enriching experience that led me to want to study Philosophy and classical Greek (given that almost all my professors at the New School of Art appeared to spend most of their time philosophizing about art). Hence, I enrolled in the University of Guelph as a Philosophy major. Afterwards, I went on to McMaster University in Hamilton to complete an M.A. in Philosophy, where my studies focused on modern German and early Greek philosophy. After hearing a lecture on “The Concept of Consciousness in Indian Philosophy” by Dr. Krishna Sivaraman, an invited speaker in a graduate course in Phenomenology, I decided to pursue a PhD in Indian Philosophy at McMaster University . At the time, ‘Indian Philosophy and Sanskrit' was a separate program offered in the Religious Studies Department; it was the only such doctoral program offered in Canada . I was fortunate to study under such eminent scholars as Drs. J. G. Arapura, Wayne Whillier, Phyllis Granoff and Krishna Sivaraman. After my doctoral studies, and after a number of years working in different fields (a year in road construction; a year driving a school bus for disabled children; a year writing reports for the Ontario government; and a year as a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary), I landed a full-time position at Nipissing University. That was many years ago. Much has changed in my personal life during these years, and much has changed at Nipissing University . Indeed, much has changed in the world.

I am convinced that our students receive a first-rate undergraduate education in the Arts and Sciences. I consider myself very fortunate to be a faculty member at Nipissing University and to have the opportunity to explore, both in my own scholarly work and in the classroom, the perennial questions posed by Philosophy.