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Department of Religions and Cultures and Philosophy



FULL-TIME FACULTY (2007-2008)  

Dr. Donna Jowett,   Ph.D ., York University , 1993:   regularly teaches History of Modern Philosophy ; 20 th Century Western Philosophy ; Directed Studies ;   and Seminar in Problems in Philosophy. Primary research area: ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas , ethical and religious philosophy in the late Derrida. Conference papers and publications in these areas.

Dr. Wayne Borody, Ph.D., McMaster University , 1988:   regularly teaches Origins of Western Philosophy ; Eastern Philosophy ; Directed Studies ; and Seminar in Philosophy . Primary research area: E astern philosophy, comparative East-West philosophy. Conference papers and publications in these areas, including the recent book, Sadyojyoti's Bhoga Karika : A Translation and Commentary .  



Prof. Ursula Stange , M.A., Laurentian University, 1993 [a sessional shared with Classics]: regularly teaches the Introduction to Philosophy and Reasoning and Logical Argument . During 2007-08 ,   Prof . Stange is teaching Contemporary Moral Issues and Reasoning and Logical Argument , as well the Classical Studies course   From Myth to Argument , which is cross-listed with Philosophy.

Dr. Tom Waldock , Ph.D. University of Toronto [Culture and the Arts program, Muskoka ]: regularly teaches the Introduction to Philosophy at the Muskoka Campus. During 2007-08, Dr. H. Teixiera is teaching the Introduction to Philosophy .

Dr. Sal Renshaw , Ph.D., University of New South Wales ( Australia ) ,   [ Gender Equality and Social Justice Program] : alternate years teaches Philosophy of Sex and Love (offered in 2007-2008).

Prof. Terry Dokis , MA, Institute of Transpersonal Studies : alternate years teaches Native Philosophy. 

Dr. Tony Parkes , Ph.D., [Biology Program] University of Guelph , regularly teaches the cross-listed course, Genetics & Society:   Our Genes, Our Choices   [ Offered 2007-2008]  

Dr. Anne Clendinning , Ph.D. McMaster University [History Dept. ], regularly teaches the cross-listed course History and Historians: Ideas and Methods .

Dr. David Tabachnick , Ph.D., Carleton University [Political Science Program]: 2006-2007, taught Themes in Social and Political Philosophy .

Prof. Tom Hanrahan , Masters of Applied Science, Univ. of Waterloo   [ full-time faculty member, Canadore College ] :   alternate years teaches the Philosophy of Science .

Dr. Nathan Colborn , PhD, McMaster University [a Sessional in Religions and Cultures], has taught Contemporary Moral Issues , 2005-2006.

Prof. Ronald Srigley , Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), McMaster University , Part-Time Faculty, has taught Philosophy of Relgion , 2005-2006 .

Prof. Renee Valliquet , M.A., York University , [Part-Time Faculty], taught C ontemporary Moral Issues , 2006-2007.