Dr. Douglas Gosse has taught early childhood education, elementary, junior high, and high school, as well as adult learners. 

In the B.Ed. program, he teaches:

  • EDUC 4736: Introduction to Curriculum Design & Teaching. 

In Graduate Studies, he teaches:

  • EDUC 5437: Current Issues in the Teaching and Learning of Boys and Men
  • EDUC 5676: Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research
  • EDUC 6116: Critical Conversations in Educational Research.   

Dr. Gosse received the Nipissing University Research Achievement Award, and a Gold Volunteer Service Award from the Historica Foundation. The Governor-General of Canada has recognized him for teaching excellence. 


  • The Celtic Cross, A Vampire Journal (1995)
  • The Romeo & Juliet Murders (1997)
  • Jackytar (2005)
  • Breaking silences & exploring masculinities, a critical supplement to the novel Jackytar (2008) 
  • Out Proud: Stories of Pride, Courage and Social Justice in Canada (2014). 
  • About Face: Essays on Addictions, Recovery, Therapies, and Controversies (2018) 

Areas of Expertise

  • Curriculum theory and development
  • Qualitative research
  • Social justice and equity
  • Masculinities