Since the start of my academic career at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University in 2000 as a sessional lecturer I have taught over twenty-one different courses on many aspects of Canadian history, foreign policy, international relations and Canadian studies.  Since my arrival at Nipissing University in 2005 I have taught courses in the Education Foundations, International Teaching at the undergraduate B.Ed. level.  More recently I have taught the History of Education in Canada and Comparative and International Education at the graduate M.Ed. level.

Central to my teaching philosophy is the idea that teaching is interactive.  I want to engage students, encourage them to think about ideas in class and to express their views.  Additionally, at Nipissing University, the ITeach program is central to being a student in the Schulich School of Education. Consequently, teaching with technology is central to what I do.  The ground continues to shift in terms of education technology.  At the start of my career, “Chalk and Talk” was the main technology in the classroom.  Today, we have Powerpoint, laptops, tablets and online courses.  Tomorrow, who knows?  What I do know is incorporating technology into teaching is really important both in the university classroom and in the school system at large.