Dr. Laurie Peachey, RN, PhD, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing is a Canadian Certified Simulation Nurse Educator and Canadian Certified Perinatal Nurse. Laurie has utilized Phenomenology of Practice in her research to uncover the lived experience of new graduate nurses using maternal-child simulation in nursing practice. Laurie’s research interests are rooted in practical education; her projects have incorporated the use of maternal-child simulation, the development of practical wisdom and imaginative thinking in nursing, and the ways the transition of new graduates entering perinatal nursing can be more effectively considered. Laurie is a founding member of the Ontario Simulation Alliance and the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators using Simulation. Laurie has contributed to development of peer-reviewed maternal-child simulation scenarios and has presented her work in simulation at the provincial, national, and international level. Laurie enjoys living in Northern Ontario for the beautiful outdoors activities the north has to offer.


Maternal-Child Nursing

A certified perinatal nurse with the Canadian Nurses’ Association and a certified simulation nurse educator with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Laurie is responsible for the design, implementation, and delivery of several components of maternal-child nursing in the BScN program through a careful blend of classroom, simulation, and clinical practicum experiences.  During the simulation-based learning activities, undergraduate students in the BScN program learn in an environment of psychological safety and in a culture of patient safety under the supervision of a skilled team of maternal-child nurses and simulation experts.

BScN students participating in a simulation-based experience.

Using Simulation in Nursing Education

Virtual Simulation Game (VSG): Click here  (English)

Production of a virtual pre-simulation game eCampus Ontario funding

Using Virtual Simulation 

CAN-Sim Virtual Simulation Games

Lippincott vSim® for Nursing 

Examples from Dr. Peachey’s classes: Debriefing in small groups


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