Mike is currently teaching Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate Mathematics Methodology and Primary/Junior Health and Physical Education Methodology at Nipissing. He also teaches in the Aboriginal Teacher Program and the Native Classroom Assistant Diploma Program. Prior to this he attended the University of New Brunswick where he received a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education in Educational Administration. He also taught Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Health and Physical Education in the Greater Toronto Area, serving as Athletic Director at two schools and has experience in the development of intercollegiate athletic programs.

Personal and Career Highlights:

  1. Being able to trick his wife Barb into marrying him and allowing him to be the father to their three beautiful children; Sarah, Rebecca and Zachary.
  2. Being able to read between the lines when his Dad, Jim, talked about life as a working man and a father and the importance of education and ambition.
  3. Having the wisdom to recognize that, after 9 ½ years, he overdid his stay in North Bay and thus moved to Nipissing’s Brantford campus where hardly anyone knows him.
  4. Recognizing who really runs the show in the faculty (Ursula, Sandy, Mary, Deanne and Irene) and successfully befriending them so as to get small perks.
  5. Realizing how fortunate he is to have such a strong network of family, friends, colleagues, and mentors to make the seemingly unbearably exhausting grind of the daily life as a faculty member bearable.
  6. Completing a Ph.D. from OISE/UT in Theory and Policy Studies (Higher Education).

Current Research Interests:

  1. The effects, benefits and barriers of parental involvement in their children’s education.
  2. The role and understanding of reflective practice in teacher education
  3. The use of technology in the integration of teaching subjects in elementary schools.
  4. The design of the student teacher practicum in Ontario faculties of education.