April JamesDr. April James

Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Canada Research Chair, Watershed Analysis and Modelling (2010-15; 2015-20)

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Laurentian University, Vale Living With Lakes Centre.

Ph.D – Geography, McGill University, 2005
MSc – Earth Sciences, Clemson University, 1994
B.Eng. – Engineering Physics, The Royal Military College of Canada, 1992


Department of Geography Nipissing University
100 College Drive, North Bay, Ontario

aprilj@nipissingu.ca                                                                                                          Office: R216, Lab R222                                                                                                   tel: (705) 474-3450 ext. 4062

Our research group examines physical hydrological processes that control how water moves through our watersheds, from the terrestrial environment to wetlands, lakes, rivers, and streams. We specialize in application of stable isotopes of water in hydrological studies to improve understanding of water movement, a critical goal for the long-term protection of the health and sustainability of our water resources and aquatic environments.

In partnership with Nipissing University’s Integrative Watershed Research Centre (IWRC,  iwrc.nipssingu.ca,) we run high-frequency monitoring of weather and water conditions on Lake Nipissing, one of our local lakes and the source of drinking water for several local communities.  Here, we investigate in-lake processes, including how meteorological conditions affect external and internal loading of nutrients like phosphorus and the resulting water quality of local Bays on Lake Nipissing.