Published Papers

chapters in books:

Ricci. C. (2010, October). Unschooling: A gentle approach. Cooperative catalyst:
Changing education as we speak, AE(1)
, 70-76. Retrieved
October 9, 2010, (PDF)

Ricci, C. (2010). Foreword. In Pritscher, C.P., Einstein & Zen (pp. xi-xiv). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.. (PDF)

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Ricci, C. (2008). Always learning. In Priesnitz, W. (Ed.), Life learning: Lessons from the educational frontier (pp. 103-108). Toronto, Ontario: The Alternative Press. (Note: this was already published in Life Learning magazine and the “best” pieces were turned into a book) (PDF)

Ricci, C. (2005). Freirean literacy: Difference that makes a difference. In P. Trifonas (Ed.), Communities of difference: Culture, language, and technology (pp. 139-146). New York , N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan (PDF)

papers in refereed journals:

Ricci, C. (2009). Philosophical clashes: Rethinking scholarship. Paideusis. Retrieved April 20, 2010 from, (18)2, pp.55-59.

Ricci. C. (2010). How my now six-year-old daughter learner to write her name, recognize numbers, read some words, and draw: A narrative. Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning. Retrieved February 1, 2010, from, (4)7, (14 pages) (PDF)

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Ricci, C. (2007). Are important and authentic Teachers members of our family? Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning. Retrieved February 8, 2008, from (7 pages) (PDF)

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Ricci, C. (2002, Spring). The ethics of reading: Freire, literacy, democracy, and McDonald’s. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing , 18(1), 143-155. (PDF)

non-refereed papers/articles:

Ricci, C. (2009-10, Winter). Foreword to Einstein and zen: Learning to learn by Conrad P. Pritscher.Education Revolution: The Magazine of Alternative Education, 21(4) #59, 23-25. (note: this the same foreword referenced above under Book Chapters that was reprinted here with permission—see above) (PDF)

Ricci. C. (2010, January). Intrafamily differences. E-journal of Alternative Education, AE(1), 70-76. Retrieved February 1, 2010, from (PDF)

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Ricci. C. (2009, February). Printing numbers, free time and play. Self Directed Learning. Retrieved February 13, 2009, from (Note: this is a shorter version of the same article published at (PDF)

Ricci, C. (2008, June). Make your bed? Home Rules, 13(3) pp. 1,6. (PDF)

Ricci, C. (2007, Fall). Learner centered democratic alternative. Our Schools/Our Selves.

Ricci, C. (in press). [Review of the book Action for Social Justice in Education: Fairly Different]. Interchange.

Ricci. C. (2008, September). Printing numbers, free time and play. Unschooling Canada. Retrieved September 1, 2008, from (PDF)

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Ricci, C. (2005). [Review of the book What to do? Case studies for educators ]. McGill Journal of Education . (PDF)

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Ricci, C. (2003). Ontario ‘s new grade 10 literary test, $21 million mistake. The Nugget . (PDF)

Ricci, C. (2003). The erosion of democracy in our schools. The Nugget . (PDF)

technical reports

Ricci, C., & OFTP. (2007, April). Administrative procedures— Homeschooling. Presented to the Grand Erie District School Board.

Ricci, C., & OFTP. (2007, April). Educational Concerns—CAS. Presented to the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Ricci, C., & Metherel, A. (2005, March). Proposal: Provisional certificates. Presented to the Ontario Ministry of Education.