Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. David A. Borman

Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics
Nipissing University
100 College Drive, Box 5002
North Bay, ON P1B 8L7(705)-474-3450 ext. 4036

Areas of Specialization

Critical Social Theory (Frankfurt School), especially Jürgen Habermas; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Metaethics

Areas of Competence

History of Philosophy, especially 19th- and 20th-Century Philosophy, Informal Logic and Reasoning, Comparative Politics


Fordham University (New York, USA) Doctor of Philosophy, 2008
Fordham University (New York, USA) Master of Philosophy (ABD), 2007
Fordham University (New York, USA) Master of Arts, Philosophy, 2006
York University (Toronto, Canada)

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, 2003

summa cum laude

Academic Appointments

July 2016 – Present                 Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science (tenured, cross-appointment)

July 2012 – June 2016             Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science (tenure-track, cross-appointment)

Associate Member of the School of Graduate Studies  (2013-2018)

Fall 2010 – Spring 2012          Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, Nipissing University (limited-term cross-appointment)

Fall 2008 – Spring 2010          Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Winnipeg (limited-term)

Winter 2006-Spring 2007       Teaching Fellow in the Core Curriculum, Fordham University


1. Books

The Idolatry of the Actual: Habermas, Socialization, and the Possibility of Autonomy. Series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, September 2011. ISBN13: 978-1-4384-3737-8

2. Chapters in Books

‘Materialism in Critical Theory: Marx and the Early Horkheimer’ in The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Theory, edited by Michael J. Thompson. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming (invited)

‘Habermas on Peace and Democratic Legitimacy,’ in The Question of Peace in Political Philosophy, edited by David Tabachnick and Toivo Koivokoski. Wilfred Laurier Press, 2014

3.  Journal Articles

‘Contractualism and the Right to Strike,’ Res Publica, forthcoming

‘Actual Agreement Contractualism,’ Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 54: 3 (2015): 519-539

‘Protest, Parasitism, and Community: Reflections on the Boycott,’ Social Philosophy Today 31: 7 (2015): 7-22

‘Going Social with Constitutivism,’ The Philosophical Forum 46: 2 (2015): 205-215

‘Bullshit, Social Integration, and Political Legitimation: Habermasian Reflections,’ Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 50: 1 (2011): 117-140

‘Labour, Exchange, and Recognition: Marx contra Honneth,’ Philosophy and Social Criticism 35: 8 (October 2009): 935-959

‘Betrayal in Teaching: Persuasion in Kierkegaard, theory and performance,’ Continental Philosophy Review 39: 3 (July 2006): 245-272

‘To Give in the Name or to Give Without Names: Derrida, the Gift, and the Giving of Alms,’ Philosophy Today 49: 2 (Summer 2005): 145-155


In Progress

‘Bourgeois Illusions: Axel Honneth and the Critical Theory of Work’ in Axel Honneth and the Future of Critical Theory, edited by Volker Schmitz. Palgrave MacMillan (invited)

‘Other Peoples’ Reasons’

‘Freedom at Work and the Prohibition of Sympathy Strikes’


1.  Conferences

‘Other Peoples’ Reasons,’ 33rd Annual International Social Philosophy Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, July 21-23

‘Protest, Community, and Parasitism: Reflections on the Boycott,’ International Social Philosophy Conference, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR, July 17-19, 2014

‘The Genesis and Demands of the Politics of Recognition: Towards a Hegelian-Marxism and a Marxist-Hegelianism,’ Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, October 2006, Philadelphia, PA

‘The Technology of Identity: Politics, Biometrics, and Sincerity,’ Truth, Science, and Democracy, Fordham Philosophical Society Symposium (held jointly in Spring 2004 with the Department of Political Science), April 2004, Bronx, NY

2.  Invited and Other Talks

‘The Truth About Secrets: on Lies, Privacy, and Whistleblowing,’ Guest Lecturer in Interdiscplinary Summer Course, “Secrets in Spring,” Nipissing University (Spring/Summer 2015)

‘Four Constructivist Theses on Moral Progress’, How to Be A Human in the Age of Human Rights, October 2013,Workshop at Brock University, St. Catherines, ON (invited)

‘Bullshit: Habermasian Reflections,’ University of Winnipeg Philosophy Students’ Association Colloquim, March 3, 2010, Winnipeg, MB

‘Can Torture be Justified?’ (Seminar), United Nations Association of Canada, Annual High School Human Rights Conference, December 10, 2008, Winnipeg, MB


Nipissing University


Seminar in Philosophy: Marxism After Marx (The Frankfurt School) (PHIL 4207)

Marx (PHIL 3756)

Justice, Justification, Equality (PHIL 3756)

Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 3616)

Environmental Ethics (PHIL 2717)

Bioethics (PHIL 3716)

Ethical Theory (PHIL 2706)

Reasoning and Logical Argument (PHIL 2505)

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1115)


Great Political Questions II (POLI 2107)

Democracy and Development: A Comparative Approach (POLI 2207)

Conflict and Unity: Political Culture in the 21st Century (POLI 3206)

University of Winnipeg

Topics in Social-Political Philosophy: The Foucault-Habermas Debate (PHIL 4504)

Postmodern Philosophy (PHIL 3511)

Philosophy of the Social Sciences (PHIL 2252)

Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 2232)

Moral Philosophy (PHIL 2201)

Values and the Human Condition (PHIL 1002)

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1001)

Fordham University

Philosophical Ethics (PHIL 1100)

Philosophy of Human Nature (PHIL 1000)

Honours Thesis, MA Thesis, and Directed Studies Supervision

Supervisor for Meghan Landriault, Directed Studies: ‘Constructivism in Metaethics’ (Nipissing University, 2015/16)

External Examiner for Chris Peemoeller, M.A. History Thesis (MRP) Committee, ‘We Must Not Come Under His Spell: Recasting Albert Speer’ (Nipissing University, Summer-Fall 2013)

Supervisor for Johanna Fraser, Directed Studies: ‘Trust, social cohesion, and political participation in two Northern Ontario communities’ (Nipissing University, 2012/13) [Now an M.A. student in Political Theory at McMaster]

Supervisor for Robert Holley, Directed Studies: ‘Theories of Justice: Plato, Aristotle, Rawls, Habermas’ (Nipissing University, 2011/12) [Completed M.A. in Philosophy at Laurier; now Ph.D. student in Philosophy at McMaster]

Supervisor for Justin Bzovy, Honours Thesis: ‘Our Time, Our Boredom: A redirection of Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological interpretation of boredom’ (University of Winnipeg, 2008/09) [Completed M.A. in Philosophy at Manitoba; now Ph.D. student at Western]

Professional Service

North American Society for Social Philosophy, Representative for the Canadian Division (2015-)

Manuscript Reviewer for: Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review; Social Philosophy Today; Wilfred Laurier Press

Organizer for Guest Speaker and Reading Group in Philosophy (February-March 2013); speaker: James R. Brown, University of Toronto

Organizer for Guest Speaker and Reading Group in Philosophy (November-December 2011); speaker: Kristin Andrews, York University

Referee for Annual Meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association, Aesthetics section (2010)

Program Committee for ‘Cosmopolitanism in Philosophical Contexts,’ Fourth Biennial Graduate Student Conference, Fordham University (2008)

Office Manager, Journal of Neoplatonic Studies, Fordham University (2005)

University Service

Program Coordinator, Philosophy (Fall 2016-)

Faculty Representative on the Joint Special Commission on Governance (Summer 2016-)

NUFA Representative to the CAUT Defence Fund (Summer 2016-)

Nipissing University Faculty Association Executive, Member-at-Large for Arts and Science (2015-)

Humanities Representative, Academic Senate Ad Hoc Committee to Review Breadth Requirements at Nipissing University (Winter 2015)

Moderator, Nipissing University Eighth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (March 2015)

External Representative for NURS Scholar-Practicioner Program Hiring Committee, Nipissing University (July 2014)

External Representative for ECON Hiring Committee, Nipissing University (June 2014)

Moderator, Nipissing University Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (March 2014)

Member of the Academic Senate of Nipissing University, (2013-16)

Senate Appeals Committee, Nipissing University (2013/14)

Nipissing University Faculty Association, Communications Committee (2013/14)

Moderator, Nipissing University Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (March 2013)

Nipissing University, IQAP Review Team for the Department of Psychology (2012/13)

Nipissing University, Senate Advisory Subcommittee on the Library (2012/13)

Nipissing University Faculty Association, Collective Bargaining Committee (2011/12)

Undergraduate Studies Committee, Nipissing University (2011/12)

External Representative for GESJ Hiring Committee, Nipissing University (2012)

Moderator, Nipissing University Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (March 2012)

Nipissing University Faculty Association, Constitution Committee (2010/11)

Faculty Representative, Nipissing University, Ontario University Fair, Toronto (October 2010)

Department Review Committee, University of Winnipeg (2008-2010)

Department Curriculum Committee, University of Winnipeg (2008-2010)

Library Representative for the Philosophy Department, University of Winnipeg (2008-2010)