Dr. Brophey teaches general management and innovation and technology management courses in the BBA and BComm programs within the School of Business at Nipissing University. His research interests include management of innovation, decision-making, wave energy and marine safety.

Dr. Brophey’s career excursions have included time spent working with a medium-sized manufacturer and a manufacturing multinational, as a technology entrepreneur, and more recently as a management consultant.  Prior to joining the School of Business at Nipissing, he co-founded, managed and then sold a disruptive technology venture aimed at automating large mining vehicles. Along the way, these experiences have been buttressed with the theories learned while acquiring a mechanical engineering degree, an MBA focused on industrial marketing and change management and a PhD focused on innovation management. Dr. Brophey puts his experience to good use when teaching business strategy and the management of innovation and technology courses.

His approach to teaching is aimed toward effectively working with the various learning styles of his students. As a result, he uses a diverse menu of case studies and evaluative discussion combined with simulations, theory and experiential learning-based assignments to help his students along the path to becoming excellent managers.

In terms of research, Dr. Brophey’s work continues to be focused on innovation and management decision-making at both strategic and tactical levels. He has been invited multiple times to share his insights as a keynote speaker with a variety of audiences including innovation management professionals, manufacturing managers and hospital executives.

Dr. Brophey is a member of the scientific advisory board of the International Society of Professional Innovation Managers (ISPIM), is registered as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and is a licensed pilot. Dr. Brophey is frequently asked to serve both the profit and non-profit sectors of the business community to provide insights associated with strategy, innovation and operations. He is also an active member of the business school faculty and has served on a number of elected and appointed committees of Nipissing’s academic senate.

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