Service – Business Community

As part of his professional practice scholarship, Dr. Brophey has worked with a number of organizations outside academe. His background and research interests have led to Dr. Brophey working in many different industries and addressing a variety of practitioner challenges.

Dr. Brophey’s general approach to address each challenge is to begin by identifying the organization’s desired competitive advantage and then helping them rebuild or reinforce or remake their organization to deliver what their clients or customers value. These assignments have resulted in Dr. Brophey pursuing a broad range of solutions. Several examples include elimination of production bottlenecks, improving financial discipline and developing business plans to attract both partners and financing.

One of the more frequent issues that Dr. Brophey finds himself addressing is how to improve the organization’s innovativeness. This process starts with an audit of the innovation processes associated with delivering the desired competitive advantage. The audit results and a follow-on change management strategy commonly result in a to-do list for senior managers to enhance their organization’s innovativeness and competitiveness.

Here’s selected list of industries where Dr. Brophey has provided service to the business community in the past:

  • Manufacturing, – Packaging Equipment, Mining Supply, Capital Equipment, Marine
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Health Care
  • Charitable
  • Logistics
  • Forestry