I have joined the Marketing Stream of the School of Business in 2012. Here, in Nipissing University, I teach courses in consumer behaviour, marketing, advertising, social marketing, international marketing, and innovative approaches in marketing. My practical experience in Armenian, American, and international companies has provided me with a broad view and perspective that has proven to be useful in tailoring course materials. I have also taught different marketing courses at Carleton University, Laurentian University, Vilnius University (Lithuania), and American University of Armenia (Armenia). I am also currently holding an Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University.

My main research focus is around the issues of country image and consumer behavior, specifically around sport mega-events. My interest in consumer behaviour, however, extends to other areas such as adolescents’/children’s influence on parental purchasing decision-making process, the effect of country image on perception of partner trustworthiness in an international business setting, and the effects of country-of-origin on perception of wine (wine marketing). I am also exploring the topics of eco-tourism, tourism destination, immigrant housing, and organic produce purchasing behaviour. My publications could be found in a number of marketing journals including Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, and International Journal of Wine Business Research.​