SWLF 3807

Social and Political Violence

The course aims at presenting various approaches to explain reasons for violent conflict. It focuses on social and political violence, and their short and long-­‐term effects on social development. The topics covered address why and how people turn to violence. They provide a map to conflicts and wars nationally and internationally. The course examines diverse research traditions to comprehend violence in a critical way. It looks at ideologies, social groups and social organizations that nurture the participation of individuals in violent actions. There will be two primary traditions that will be focused on; the first focuses on the “conditions” under which conflicts are produced and the second emphasizes the “attitudes” motivating individuals to engage in conflict.  As each tradition possesses its own vocabulary, theoretical distinctions will aim at providing students with a broad spectrum of tools to comprehend the complex, paradoxical relationship between humans and war and violence. For example, though most world nations have ratified the International Bill of Human Rights, intra-­‐state conflicts are an enduring reality.