•  Doctoral degree – Physics  (The University of Western Ontario; London, Ontario, Canada)
    Thesis: “Quantum Coherence and Interference in Metallic Photonic Crystals and Hybrid Systems”
  •  Master of Science – Physics (Shiraz University; Shiraz, Iran)                      Thesis: “Muon Cycling Studies in D/T Mixture Including Doubly Muonic Four Body Molecule Formation”
  •  Bachelor of Science – Physics ( Shiraz University; Shiraz, Iran)                 Thesis: “Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy”


  •  Assistant Professor (2014 – Present) – Computational Physics, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nipissing University 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow- LP2L  (2012 –2014) Department of Engineering Physics – The École Polytechnique de Montréal
    Modeling basic mechanisms of plasmonic enhanced femtosecond laser optoporation and transfection of living cells
    Modeling of  thermodynamic response of gold nanoparticles to laser irradiation: continuous wave, short and ultrashort pulse
    Developed a theory on nanoplasmonic enhancement of spontaneous emission of light for biosensing application
  •  Research Assistant (2008 – 2012)   Department of Physics – The University of Western Ontario
      Developed computational method on Metallic Photonic Crystals
     – Modeled quantum dot optical switches
      Developed the theory on controlling the dynamics of spontaneous emission from quantum dots by photonic crystals
     – Developed computational approaches to semiconductor nanostructures
      Simulated optics of nanostructure assemblies (quantum dots conjugated with metallic nanoparticles)

Honours and Achievements

  • Internal Research Grant (IRG)                              2015 – 2016
    Nipissing University, Canada
  • Start-Up Research Grant (SURG)                        2014 – 2015                  Nipissing University, Canada
  • FQRNT Scholarship (Québec Fund for Nature and Technology Research)                              2014 – 2016
    Postdoctoral fellowship program (declined)
  •  GRSTB Scholarship (Groupe de recherche en sciences et technologies biomédicales)          2012 – 2014
    École Polytechnique de Montréal
  •  Province of Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)        2011 – 2012
    Government of Ontario, Canada.
  •  Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS)       2008 –2011
    The University of Western Ontario; London, ON.