Group members

Graduate Students:

Arezou Rashidi- Visiting research Ph.D. student  from Tabriz University – March 2018
Project: Study of enhanced absorption of graphene-based structures.          Arezou was recognized as a top student (1st rank) during her B.Sc. and M.Sc. In 2008, Arezou was awarded as National Exceptional Talent in Physics from University of Tabriz and since then she has been a member of National Exceptional Talent Club. Her current research projects are focused on Photonic Crystals and Graphene-Based Nanostructures.
Zahra Ebtehaj- Ph.D. student – University of Isfahan – Advisor – June 2016
Project: Numerical Simulation of Ultrashort Laser Irradiation Effects in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Mediated Neural Stimulation
scan0003 Naser Zamani – Ph.D student – Shiraz University – Advisor – June 2016
Project: Optimization of optical properties of quantum dot-metal nanoparticle systems.
121 Naser Jahanbakhshizadeh- Ph.D. student – Yazd University – Advisor – July 2016
Project: Study of Metal-Organic and Metal Oxide Additives on Characteristics of Perovskite Solar Cells and Supercapacitors

Undergraduate Students:

Daynen MurphyNipissing University – NSERC Undergraduate Student – May  2018

Project: Numerical Investigation of the Thermo-Optical Switching Mechanism of Metal-Insulator Transition Materials

Quinlan McParland: Nipissing University – Research Student – September  2016
Project: Optical excitation of collective resonances in metallic nanostructure arrays
Calvin Bailey: Nipissing University – Research Student – September  2016
Project: Photothermal study of phase change nanostructure (vanadium dioxide) for thermosensing application of nanoscale targets

Former Members:

0011318 William Johnston – Master student – Nipissing University – February 2016 – November 2017
Project: Coherent Control of Optical Absorption and the Energy Transfer Pathway of an Infrared Quantum Dot Hybridized with a VO2 Nanoparticle”
Keith  Afas: Western University – Undergraduate Summer Research Student 2016
Project: Deformation of a Cellular Membrane by a Plasmonic Assisted Optoporation
Behafarid Darvish -Research Assistant – September 2014 – December 2015
Project: “Photoacoustic response from gold nanostructures irradiated by a femtosecond pulsed laser”
Adam Burke – Undergraduate Student – Nipissing University – October 2014 – August 2015
Project: “Plasma-mediated effects in ultrafast laser irradiation of gold nanoshells in water”.
Parastoo Moaf – Research Assistant – November 2014 – May 2015
Project: “Study of gold nanoparticle assisted stimulation of neurons in degenerative diseases in infrared regime.”