Current Research Projects

Project Title: Nurse Education and Mathematics Competency: A Research Study Analyzing the Mathematics Preparation Experience of Undergraduate Nursing Students at an Ontario University, Project Leader (2019-21)

Project Collaborators: Dr. K. McCullough, Dr. Tammie McParland, & Christine Wasylciw, School of Nursing, Nipissing U

Project Title: Exploring Teacher Candidate Perceptions of Francophone Home-Stay Community Learning Experiences (2019-21)

Completed Research Projects (Selected)

Project Title: Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics Instruction: Tracking the Implementation of a Technology-Enhanced Curriculum and Assessment Initiative, Project Leader (2014-16) 

Project Collaborators: Dr. C. Buteau, Brock U.; Dr. C. Doran & Dr. A. Novoseltsev, U of Alberta

Project Title: Assessing the Use and Usefulness of a Spatial Decision Support Tool: The Case of GeoVisage (2014-16)

Project Collaborators: Dr. D. Walters (PI), Nipissing U; Dr. J. Kovacs, Nipissing U; & Dr. M. Wachowiak, Nipissing U

Project Title: The Numerate and Critical Thinking Nurse: A Comparison of Final Year Nursing Students’ and Practicing Nurses’ Perceptions of Workplace Mathematics and Technology Demands, Project Leader (2012-14)

Project Collaborators: Dr. B. Law, Nipissing U; Dr. K. McCullough, Nipissing U

Research Achievement Award Recipient (2010-11), Nipissing University

Conference and Lecture Participation (Selected)

Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA) 2019 Conference (July 2019) Innovative CAS Technology Use in University Mathematics Teaching andAssessment: Findings from a Case Study in Alberta, Canada. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. [JARVIS PRES (2019 07 20)]

21st Annual International Conference on Education (May 2018) Education for Innovation (E4I): A Canadian initiative promoting innovation in K-12 Schools. Athens, Greece.

OAME Annual Conference Presentation (May 2018) Grade 8 to 9 transitions: Exploring pathways, resources, and effective support strategies. Humber College, Toronto, Ontario.

Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences Workshop Host and Speaker (March 20, 2018) Multiplying strategies for the divide: Adding to our transition takeaways. Crossing the Divide: Exploring Critical Transition Issues from Grade 8 to 9 Mathematics. Fields Institute, Toronto, ON.

Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences Math Education Forum Guest Speaker (March 25, 2017) Teaching and learning between the lines. MathEd Forum Theme: Mathematics and the Arts. Fields Institute, Toronto, ON.

Northern Health Research Conference Presentation (June 2013) The numerate and critical thinking nurse: A comparison of final year nursing students’ and practicing nurses’ perceptions of workplace mathematics and technology demands. Paper presented (with Barbi Law, Karey McCullough) at the Northern Health/NBRHC Research Conference. Canadore College, North Bay, ON.

OAME Annual Conference Presentation (May 2013) RE4MUL8: Exploring an online/mobile resource for Grade 7-8 teachers of mathematics. Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario.

Great Moon Gathering Conference Workshops (February 2013) Great Moon journey: Exploring lunar phases with math, science, technology, and art; and, RE4MUL8: Effective problem-based learning in the elementary classroom. Northern College, Moosonee, Ontario.

Imagination and Creativity in Educ Conference Presentation (November 2012) Exploring the math and art connection: Teaching and learning between the lines. Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario.

“Stand Up, Stand Out” Professional Week 2012 (October 2012) Exploring Your Graduate Study Options (MEd/PhD) in the Schulich School of Education. Nipissing University, North Bay, ON.

“Stand Up, Stand Out” Professional Week 2012 (October 2012) RE4MUL8: Supporting Grade 7-8 teachers of mathematics with an online/mobile resource. Nipissing University, North Bay, ON.

12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) (July 2012) Computer Algebra System (CAS) usage and sustainability in university mathematics instruction: Findings from an international study. Paper presented (with Z. Lavicza, C. Buteau) as part of Topic Study Group 18: Analysis of Uses of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics. Seoul, Korea.

CSSE 40th Annual Conference Panel Session (May 2012) Transitions in schooling and instructional practice: Explorations and perspectives (with D. Buzza, S. E. Elliott-Johns, R. Graham, D. H. Jarvis, C. Mady, J. Rowsell). Wilfrid Laurier/University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON.

Colloque de L’Espace Mathématique Francophone (EMF) : Enseignement des mathématiques et contrat social : enjeux et défis pour le 21e siècle (Projet Speciale # 3: Comparaisons de l’enseignement des mathématiques à travers les pays francophones : résultats, sens et usages) (February 2012) L’enseignement des mathématiques en français au Canada anglais: Cas de l’Ontario et aperçu des autres provinces et territoires. Université de Genève, La Suisse.




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