GeoGebra Institute of Canada (GIC-IGC)

International GeoGebra Institute (IGI), Steering Committee Member, 2009-18


KNAER Mathematics Knowledge Network (Fields Institute)
Expert Advisory Panel, Member; 2016-18

Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME)
Board of Directors, Member; Editor, Ontario Mathematics Gazette, 2014-16

Connecting Practice and Research in Mathematics (CPR-M)
Ontario Ministry of Education Advisory Panel, Member, 2005-12


North Bay Symphony Orchestra (NBSO)
Board of Directors, Member, 2016-19

Education Committee (2016-18)
A Young Person’s Guide to the North Bay Symphony Orchestra | Discussion Questions (2018)

String School Committee (2018-19)


Nipissing University Academic Senate
Nipissing University, Elected (SSoE) Member, 2006-12, 2014-17, 2018-20

Academic Quality Assurance and Planning Committee
NU Senate Committee, SSoE Representative, 2018-20

Undergraduate Studies Committee
NU Senate Committee, SSoE Representative, 2015-17

Technology and Infrastructure Committee
NU Senate Committee, SSoE Representative, 2015-17

Graduate Studies in Education Committee (GSE)
Nipissing University, School of Graduate Studies,Chair, 2011-13; Member, 2007-17

Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) Communications Committee
Nipissing University, Member, 2014-16    NUFA News Issue #21#22 | #23 | #24 #25 | #26 | #27

Schulich School of Education Faculty Council (FC)
Nipissing University, Schulich School of Education, Member, 2006-18; Secretary, 2018-20

NU Mathematics Education, Research, and Information Council (NUMERIC)
Member (Website Manager), 2006-17

NU BEd Teacher Candidate Community Leadership Experience, Trois Pistoles, Quebec
Facilitator, March 2018

Trois Pistoles Group (2018)

NU BEd Teacher Candidate International Practicum, Ecuador, South America
Co-Facilitator with Dr. Jeff Scott, March 2015

Equator Museum

NU BEd Teacher Candidate International Practicum Placement, Kenya, Africa
Co-Facilitator with Dr. Astrid Steele, February 2014



Kydd, D. (in progress). An ethnographic inquiry regarding the integrative field seminar experience (working title). [PhD Dissertation, Supervisor]

Taylor, L. (in progress). Financial literacy education (working title). [PhD Dissertation, Supervisory Committee Member; Supervisor: Dr. L. Frost]

Perras, J. (submitted). Exploring the Perceived Effects of Student Online Sharing of Site-Specific Artwork. [Art Focus MEd Thesis, Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, WU]

Hachkowski, M. A. (2018). Enduring effects of a northeastern Ontario secondary school concert band program. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]

Shugurova, O. (2017). Learning, local knowledge, and place: A historical perspective on educational sustainability before the advent of compulsory schooling in Tibet. [PhD Dissertation, Supervisory Committee Member; Supervisor: Dr. C. Ricci]

Hanna, G. (2016). Bridging the educational binary divide: A case study in the sustainability of inter-institutional relationships. [PhD Dissertation, Supervisor]

Cohen, B. (2014). Building a community art garden: A participatory ecological arts-based educational research project. [Art Focus MEd Thesis, Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, WU; Recipient: W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education (highest academic standing within the WU MEd program)]

Osler, P. (2014). Examining artistic processes and transfer. [Art Focus MEd Thesis, Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, WU]

Pearson, Y. (2014). The Evidence-based approach to nursing clinical practice: Examining barriers to implementation in an Ontario hospital. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]

Caverzan Wells, J. (2013). Examination of attitudes and practices of Ontario Intermediate Division teachers as they relate to contemporary approaches to mathematics education. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]

Dickie, A. (2013). Effects of extra-curricular activity involvement on developmental experiences and student achievement. [MEd Thesis, Co-Supervisor, with B. Law]

Kuzenko, L. (2012). The measured and perceived effects of iPod Touch review on computational skills and students attitudes in grade 6 mathematics. [MEd MRP, Supervisor]

Langis, P. (2011).The perceived effectiveness of professional development activities for northern Ontario secondary school teachers . [MEd Thesis, Co-Supervisor, with B. Law]

Tusz, L. (2011). Caf Jam: Exploring the perceived educational value of an arts-based extracurricular school activity. [MEd MRP, Supervisor]

Morrison, A. (2011). Perceptions of Long-term Effects of Parent Involvement on Parent and Student Beliefs and Attitudes in Mathematics Education. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]

Hendy, R. (2010). An analysis of perceived safety in the built and social environment of an educational facility. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]

Yearley, S. (2009). Facilitator as learner: An auto-ethnographic inquiry of lesson study facilitation. [MEd Thesis, Supervisor]


Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)

Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME)

Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG)

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)

Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)

Technology and Teacher Education (TATE)