Research Supervision/Evaluation

M.Ed. – Masters Research Projects Supervision/Instructor

120+ projects to date, for example,

Alternatives to Suspension – Scott Zoldy

The Relationship between Low-Level Violence and School Culture – Stephanie Withers

Growing Success 2010: The Implementation of Assessment and Evaluation Policy in Near North Secondary Schools – Sean P.K. Ruddy

Succession Planning for Success in Ontario Schools – Jennifer M. Charnish

The Impact of Educational Technology Integration on Learning – Jackie Bourdon

Reforming Early Learning in Ontario – Gavin Date

Democratic Leadership: The Power of Democracy in Education – Emily M. Kamphuis

After School Opportunities Can Help End the Poverty Cycle – Brittany Faugh

Female Secondary School Athlete Satisfaction: Coaching Factors – Catherine Payne

The Role of Attendance in College Student Success – Dana Winkler

Leadership Framework, Practices and Competencies for Principals and Vice-Principals – Dawn Merlino

M.Ed. Thesis Supervision

Thesis Supervisor (2017) Andrea Therrien – Perceptions of Autism

Thesis Supervisor (2015) Tiana Larocque ­- Examining student satisfaction in a private Canadian career college setting.

Thesis Supervisor (2014) Jennifer Holub – Utilization of creativity feedback within an action research study

Thesis Supervisor (2014) Cara Durigon – Mathematical knowledge for teaching: An exploration of professional development

Thesis Supervisor (2014) Stephanie Robinson – Qualitative exploration of transitioning from High School to University.

Thesis Supervisor (2012) – Lianne Van De Wal – Students’ perceptions of literacy after the Ontario secondary school literacy course.

Thesis Supervisor (2011) – Katie Lesperance – Body self-compassion in late adolescent female high school student exercisers

Thesis Supervisor (2009) – Michael Bellrose – An analysis of principals’ knowledge of research-based instructional practices, leadership styles, and perceptions of literacy coaches

M.Ed. Thesis Second Supervisor

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2019) – Todd DuFresne – Social promotions in secondary school contexts and teachers’ impressions of the impact of this practice?

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2017) – Terry Hogan – Respecting Children

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2016) – Sarah Titmus – Sex Education Role in At-Risk Youths Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections Prevention Strategies: A Grounded Theory

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2015) – Bilal Buttar – Physical Education in Elementary Islamic Schools in Ontario

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2015) – Leah Leuszler  – Teacher Knowledge and Self-Efficacy for the Inclusion of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Regular Classroom

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2014) – Mathieu Belanger – Stem Cell Therapy and Autism: A Case Study

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2013) – Valya Roberts – Supervised access programs in Ontario: Strategies for family safety

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2011) – Terri Cooper – Knowledge of Educational Law among Educators

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2009) Mary Gallo – Succession planning for the leaders we need: An action research study of one Ontario school board

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2008) Jeff Francom – The effects of podcasting as a review tool on student success

Thesis – Second Supervisor (2008) – Roshni Sharma-Fleming – The Evolution of a South Asian Woman’s Self-concept:  Loosening the Ties That Bind and the Emerging Identity

M.Ed. Masters Research Paper (MRP) Supervision

Supervisor – Louie Karulas (2021) Impact of Game-based Learning within Physical Education and its potential impact on student learning.

Second Supervisor (2016) Alexandra Milak – Change your words, change your mindset: Growth mindset intervention in Ontario schools

Supervisor – Kevin Kerr (2015) – Realizing the promise of diversity: Ontario’s equity and inclusive education strategy- Exploring the role of formal educational leaders in the process of implementation

Supervisor – Cortnee Goure (2014) – Pedagogical Documentation: Utilizing documentation of student learning as a way to promote communication and reflection with educators and students

Supervisor – Kelly deMos (2012) – Engaging Boys in Violence Prevention through    Education

Supervisor – Nancy Mercier (2011) – Teachers’ Attitudes and Knowledge about ADHD?

Second Supervisor – Sara Kelly – Education for All

Second Supervisor – Tony D’Oria – 2004 – How I Improved My Teaching Practice in Grade 9 Boy’s Physical Education to Increase Students’ Participation and Enjoyment

Ph.D. – Comprehensive Examination Evaluation

(2018) – Student – Examining methodological steps within a dissertation.

External Examiner – Ph.D.

(2021) – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur – Muhammad Farooq Ahmad – A study of awareness, attitudes and practices of students and teachers about road safety education in Pakistan.

(2017) – Lakehead University – Laura Hope Southcott – Examining Barriers and Facilitators in Using Teachers’ Journals for Critical Space. Joint: PhD in Educational Studies – Lakehead/Windsor/Brock Universities.

(2017) – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur – Masood Ahmad – Impact of Leadership Behaviours of Head Teachers on School Discipline at Secondary Level in Punjab, Pakistan.

(2016) – University of West Indies – Joan Spencer-Ernandez – Validation of the grade 3 Caribbean reading standards achievement test (CRSAT) as a measure of reading achievement. School of Education – Faculty of Humanities and Education – Mona Campus

(2015) – Ph.D., Portfolio Examiner / Educational Studies Program – Acadia University – St. Francis Xavier University & Mount Saint Vincent University – M. Kendra Gottschall – Acquired traumatic brain injury.

(2014) – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur – Muhammad Arshad – Measuring Students’ Satisfaction Level: Learning Facilities at Universities in Pakistan.

(2013) – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur – Zahid Hussain – The Evaluation of Curriculum Development and Preparation of Teaching Strategies for Science Education.

(2012) – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur – Muhammad Ashraf Malik – Planning of Informal Basic Education at the National Level in Pakistan.

(2010) – University of Windsor – Ph.D. Thesis – Clara Howitt – A Comparative Study of Leadership Behaviour Styles for Stress Reduction in Contemporary Educational Leaders: Considerations for Succession Planning in the 21st Century.

External Examiner – M.Ed.

A Teacher’s Auto-Ethnography of Grit and Student Success in a High School Physics Classroom. St. FX. University, Nova Scotia. 05/30/2023

Exploring Long-Serving Chairs’ Experiences in an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology. St. FX. University, Nova Scotia. 11/10/2021

Policy for the revitalization and retention of the Mi’kmaw Language. St. FX. University, Nova Scotia. 12/11/2014

Collaboratively Created Classroom Check. St. FX. University, Nova Scotia. 03/25/2013

Brock University – M.Ed. – Pieter Toth – Teachers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Voluntary Committee Work as a Vehicle for Leadership Development – 08/15/2011

Brock University – M.Ed. – Kathryn Brown – The Respect Circle: Ten Teachers, One Classroom Management Model – 7/22/2010

Lakehead University – M.Ed. Thesis – Robert P. J. Paularinne – An Exploration of William Glasser’s Choice Theory in Classroom Management – 3/11/2010

M.Ed. Independent Study

Supervisor – Independent Study – Martha Alger – Leadership in Action Research – 8/15/2009

Supervisor – Independent Study – Nancy Mercier – An overview of ADHD in Education – 8/22/2011

Supervisor – Independent Study – Alexander Gomm – International Education – 4/24/2012

Supervisor – Independent Study – Ian Coates – First Nations Education – 8/24/2012

Supervisor – Independent Study – Tiana Larocque – Intermediate English Literacy – 5/20/2013

M.Ed. – Comprehensive Examination Evaluations

Ethics and Leadership: Building a Strong Community – Kara Kingston – 2010

-The Effects of Ethical Leadership on Decision-Making, Interpersonal Relations and Professional Practice – Kim Stevens – 2010

-How Ethical Leadership Affects Decision Making, Interpersonal Relations and My Current Practice – Lisa Piggott

-Challenges Facing the Elementary School Principal: Accountability, Instructional Leadership, & Understanding Emotions – Donna Mae Senick – 2011

-Leadership within the 21st century learning environment – Jeff Brown – 2012

– Look (inside) Before You Lead! – Terry Archer – 2008

– Authentic Leadership – Thom Morrissey – 2008

– Authentic Leadership & Ethical Decision-Making for the New Millennium – David Richter – 2008

– The Literate Curriculum Professional – Denise Cookson/Jones – 2009

– Curriculum within a Professional Life – Mary Lynn Manton – 2009

– What it Means to be a Curriculum Literate Professional – Sue Eckenswiller – 2009

Chair (M.Ed.) Masters Thesis Defence

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Amanda Allen – 03/2018

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Arty Ramputty – 06/2015

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Mary Jane Farrish – 11/2011

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Paul Langis – 08/2011

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Jeff MacCormack – 03/2011

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Jeff Baxter – 07/2011

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Miranda Lytle – 08/2010

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Patricia Dickieson – 08/2010

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Casandra MacGregor – 01/2010

Chair – M.Ed. Thesis Defence – Nipissing University – Joanne Kemick – 04/2010