ADMN 4897 – Wealth Management

The course consists of two parts: portfolio management and wealth management. Part 1 includes asset allocation, security selection, risk management and speculation. The course begins with reviewing the basic risk-return trade-off in investment decisions. Next students will learn basic concepts of portfolio theory. Topics include Sharpe ratio, principle of diversification and CAPM model. Students will be given basic computational skills in Excel to find optimal portfolios. We then discuss the methods of securities selection for optimal portfolios. It includes the basics of fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and the basic analysis of fixed-income securities. Next students will learn the basics of portfolio risk management. Special attention will be paid to the role of derivatives including options and futures in portfolio construction, portfolio risk management and speculation. Throughout the course, students participate in portfolio management game that gives them a unique opportunity to gain practical skills in this area.
Part 2 (Wealth Management) addresses a wide array of wealth management topics. It includes discussions of such topics as keys to wealth creation, properly managing risk, asset protection, planning for a prosperous retirement, and many other issues that you need to understand in order to survive and flourish in today’s economy. While market forces are far too complex to be fully predicted or exploited, it is still possible to protect and grow your-or your client’s-wealth. Wealth Management will show you how to achieve this important goal.

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