SONA sign-up info

You may volunteer to participate in Nipissing University research projects listed in the SONA system. Each SONA study will provide participation details and identify the number of credits earned.

Note: 1 hour of research = 1 credit = 1%, ½ hour of research = ½ credit = 0.5%. Research studies are accessed via an online system called SONA. To use this system, you first must enroll yourself as a user.

To enroll, click -> SONA .

Once there, click “Request an account here” located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen just below “New Participant?” You will then be prompted to enter some basic information about yourself. When asked to submit an email address, you MUST use your Nipissing email address username (the part before the @ symbol). Once completed, you will be sent an email with password.

When you are looking at the full list of studies, simply click on a study to see how long it takes, where it takes place, and what you have to do. If you choose to participate YOU MUST click on “view available time slots,” and register for a timeslot that fits in your schedule. You cannot simply show up at a time without having registered for that timeslot.

If you need to cancel the time you have signed up for, you must login to the system and cancel your time as many hours in advance as required by the particular study (often it is 24 hours but this time can differ by study so make sure to note this information when signing up). Failure to do so will be counted as a “no show.” After two “no shows,” your access to the system will be blocked, and you will not be able to participate in any further studies for the remainder of the semester.

After you sign up for a study, you will receive an email confirmation with the date, time, and location of the study. A good idea is to write down the date, time, location of the study and the researcher’s name and email address.