Honours’ Thesis Projects

2018-2019       Nipissing University Honours Theses

Zhongjie (Ben) Bao (Completed April 2019)
Title: Neurofunctional Impact of Chronic Cannabis Use on Emotion

Scott L. McQuain (Completed April 2019)
Title: Fear and Isolation: Loneliness, Fear of Negative Evaluation, and the Interpretation of Social Cues

Charley M. Sharkey (Completed August 2019)
Title: Pronouns and Online Conversations: The Use of Pronouns in Exhibiting Online Conversational Interest and Disinterest


2017-2018       Nipissing University Honours Theses

James R. Donovan (Completed May 2018)
Title: Effect of chronic cannabis use on Spatial Working Memory and its related components.

Kirstin A. Loates (Completed May 2018)
Title: Neural correlates of approachability judgments for Novel and Familiar faces.

Kaycee Strotmann (Completed May 2018)
Title: A Buffer-Effect between chronic cannabis use and cannabis-related problems.


2016-2017       Nipissing University Honours Theses

Camille E. P. Gray (Completed April, 2017)
Title: Long-term marijuana use and emotional reactivity: That’s something to blink about.

Adam J. B. McLandress (Completed August, 2017)
Title: PFC and hippocampal BOLD differences in long-term marijuana users during a working memory task.

Victoria G. L. Steadman (Completed April, 2017)
Title: THC use and emotional processing: Is performing the emotional face-matching task a “no-brainer” for THC users.


2015 – 2016     Nipissing University Honours Thesis

Emily E. Gibson (Completed 2016)
Title: Getting Acquainted Online: The Role of Self-Disclosure, Responsiveness and Similarity on Liking

2014 – 2015
    Nipissing University Honours Theses

Courtney L. Ryan (Completed 2015)
Title: The Effects of Gossip Valence on Relationship Formation *
* Awarded the Canadian Psychology Association Certificate of Academic Excellence for her Honours Thesis, Nipissing University

Dana M. Colasacco (Completed 2015)
Title: Interpersonal Communication: Do You Like Me?


2011 – 2012    University of Manitoba Honours Thesis

Laura A. Sander (Completed 2012)
Title: Personal and Group Approachability Judgements


2010 – 2011    University of Manitoba Honours Theses

Lindsey Shumila (Completed 2011)
Title: Language, Motor, and Interpersonal Assessments of University Students

Kelsey Shwetz (Completed 2011)
Title: Language Ability and Interpersonal Judgments

Breanna L. Sawatzky (Completed 2011)
Title: Social judgements and subjective well-being in three groups of adolescents: Healthy, with Social Phobia, and with Asperger’s Syndrome.


2009 – 2010    University of Manitoba Honours Thesis

Tanya Neuert (Completed 2010)
Title: Approachability Judgements, the Mere Exposure Effect, and Introversion-Extraversion in Young Adults