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Those of you who are intending to major in Psychology, are invited to get hands-on experience doing psychological research in my lab. If you are doing well in your course work, have some extra time, and want to play a meaningful role in scientific research, joining my lab may be ‘just the thing.’

Check out my research project descriptions and past conference presentations (reference list and pictures) to get an idea of the types of research activities available to you. You will have the opportunity to participate in lab meetings, project design, data collection, and conference presentations or journal submissions. You will learn valuable research skills in a supportive environment, and contribute meaningfully to new psychology research investigations.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me ( and come see what it’s all about.

Some Recent Graduated Honours Thesis Students – Updates

Ben Bao was accepted into Graduate School at Western University. 祝贺你 He is currently investigating the neural basis of self-reflection. Ben was very keen on discovering objective, biologically based forms of psychological research. So, this is right up his alley!

Scott McQuain was accepted into the Clinical Psychology Masters Program at Queen’s University! Go forth and transform clinical psychology.

After graduating Ms. Charley Sharkey was awarded a Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) Internship position in our lab. She remains a force of motivation and productivity in the lab.

James Donovan was a most excellent and dedicated student. In North Bay, James had a position in palliative care for a year after graduating. Then he returned to hometown and is currently working in one of the local university Psychology Labs. 

Kirstin Loates is in the process of completing a Masters of Public Health at the University of Guelph where she is putting to use her impressive analytic skills and processing capacities!

After completing her Honours Degree in Psychology, Kaycee Strotmann completed her Education Degree at Nipissing University. I am confident she is now a most excellent teacher for the little Ontarians out there!  

Camille Gray was accepted in to the Masters of Social Work program in Windsor University! Camille will be (calmly) awesome!

Congratulations to Victoria Steadman for being accepted to Laurentian University Masters of Applied Clinical Psychology! 

A very engaged and active student on campus, Adam McLandress graduated with an Honours Degree in Psychology. Currently, he is successful pursing a career in private business in Northern Ontarian. 

Congratulations to Sandra Hudd! Don’t stop being Funny!

Current and Past Lab Members Comments

Charley Sharkey – Lab Member – NOHFC Intern

Hi, I majored in Psychology with a minoring in Business. I’m involved with helping out in the online communication study! I hope to one day pursue a career in cognitive therapy or something like it! Maybe some researching too! 








Tayler Sullivan – Lab Member

Hi, I’m in the bachelor’s degree in honours specialization psychology, with a minor in child and family studies. Currently in the lab I have been assisting with data collection and poster making. I was interested in working in the lab to gain experience in my field, and experience the behind the scenes action of a research study. The research side of psychology has always been a large part of my passion for the subject, and I look forward to continuing my education so I too can start my own research.


Ben Bao – Lab Member

Hi I’m a psychology major from Chengdu, China. My interests in psychology started very early from personality theories, psychological disorders, and currently the mapping of our brain. Similar to many psychology students, I think studying about our brain is studying about ourselves, which to me is always interesting and satisfying. I have helped with the previous marijuana study and currently working on a review about neural basis of social phobia. In my spare time I am a video gamer. If you play dota2 we can be friends 🙂


2017- 2018

Kirstin_LKirstin Loates – Research Assistant, Thesis Student

Completed Bachelor of Arts with a Honours Specialization in Psychology program with a minor in Gender Equality and Social Justice. She contributed to various lab projects in the lab.

Hi!  I am currently working on my thesis which is focused on identifying brain networks that are involved with assessing familiar and novel faces.I am interested in topics relating to sexual violence and sexuality and hope to pursue research in this area in my graduate studies. 

James Donovan – Thesis Student

I joined the lab in my first year.  and I completed my thesis looking at the effects of THC use on spatial memory. My favourite topic in psychology is psychopathology, specifically schizophrenia. I plan on going into clinical psychology when I graduate. A hobby of mine is catching a late night movie or playing pick-up basketball.


Kaycee Strotmann – Thesis Student

Completed her Concurrent Education with an Honours in Psychology.

I’ve worked on the online communications project and now I am on researching THC for my thesis with Dr. Campbell. I would like to work within an elementary school. I enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with friends on my spare time.


Adam_McLandressAdam McLandress – 2016-2017 Thesis Student

Hi there! I am a fifth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree with Honours Specialization in Psychology. Early in my university career, I was drawn into social psychology but have since grown to make neuroscience my focus. Last year I completed my  working on my empirical thesis which takes a neuroimaging approach in focusing on differences in working memory abilities in regular users of marijuana. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in medicine as a neurologist. When not in lab, I spend time managing Nipissing’s varsity men’s volleyball team, and thinking of new ways to create brilliant food.



Victoria Steadman – 2016-2017 Thesis Student, BA

I am completed my BA Honour’s Degree (Specialization in Psychology). My empirical thesis involved a look at the effects of chronic marijuana use on emotional processing/recognition (using fMRI data to study functional brain differences) under the supervision of Dr. Darren Campbell. Previous/current research contributions involve studies of online communication, and long-term marijuana use on cognitive functioning (Stroop performance), emotional processing (negative affect) and physical aggression. I aspire to continue on into the field of clinical psychology to study cognitive-behavioural therapy for various psychological disorders (e.g. substance use, anxiety disorders, etc.). Aside from my academic engagements, I have many interests and hobbies but predominantly, I really enjoy music and play instruments like the piano, guitar and vocals.


Taylor Vaillancourt – Lab Member


I am working to pursue a degree in the Bachelor’s of Science with Honours Specialization in Psychology and joining the lab is a way for me to learn from the fellow lab members in a professional atmosphere. In my spare time i’m working at the very popular Twiggs Coffee Roasters or working on some sort of art project!



2016 – 2017

Camille Gray – BA Honours

Sandra Hudd – BA 

2015 – 2016

Emily Gibson – BA Honours

Ben O’Hanlan – BA Honours

2014 – 2015

Dana Colasacco – BA Honours

Courtney Ryan – BA Honours

2013 – 2014

Jason McKnight – BA
Ana Vincent – BA
Dan Boake – BA
Marcio Carvalho – BA Honours

Past Lab Members (Winnipeg)

Lindsey Shumila, BA Honours, MPA

Lindsey is now in a Master’s of Physicians Assistant Studies program at the University of Manitoba. She was involved in a variety of the lab projects. She presented a poster on social emotional evaluations at the San Antonio Texas SPSP conference and also coauthored presentations in Quebec City on studies of military personnel with PTSD and in Istanbuhl, Turkey on people who had suffered serious burn injuries. Lindsey first joined the lab as my Honour’s Student and completed her Honour’s Thesis entitled, The Effects of Interpersonal Trust and Familiarity on Approachability Judgments.

Kristina Moffat, BSc, MD

Kristina is now in Med School at the University of Manitoba. As a member of my lab, Kristina participated in various lab studies on PTSD and schizophrenia.

Kelsey Shwetz, BA Honours, Artist

Kelsey is in New York city working as an artist (website: She completed her Honour’s Thesis under my supervision and is a co-author on a multi-study paper in progress. Her Honour’s Thesis was entitled, Conformity Effects on Approachability Judgements.

Marc Wallace, Psychology MA, MD

Marc recently graduated from Medical School at the University of Manitoba. As a member of the lab, he played a major role in investigating the neural basis of humour comprehension. As a research assistant, he also helped analyse
neuroimaging results for other studies.

Krista Friesen, BA Honours, MSc

Krista graduated with a Masters of Science in cognitive neuropsychology from the University of Victoria. She is now working in the field of pain management and is enrolled in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management program at University of Alberta. Krista is a co-author on our approachability studies.

Tanya Neuert, BA Honours, MA


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